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Welcome to Rob Buckle Hypnotherapy

Based in Solihull, West Midlands & Online

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Whatever is holding you back from being the person that you want to be, I can help you tap into the hidden qualities held within your subconscious and help remove any mental blocks that have been holding you back.

You will find me to be a calm, supportive therapist, with a wealth of experience and a holistic approach to solving life issues. I am a GHR approved, Advanced Hypnotherapist, Stress Management Consultant and EMDR practitioner. Let’s work together!

• anxiety (including health anxiety, panic attacks and flying)
• stress management
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• weight loss
• phobias
• stop smoking
• EMDR for trauma/addictions
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• Customisable treatment programmes

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I have seen many people transform their lives with just a few sessions of hypnotherapy - and I could do the same for you! For an example of how life-changing it can be, please watch this short video testimony from Tracey, who came to me with a severe spider phobia. Four weeks later her phobia had completely gone and she describes the hypnotherapy as having 'completely changed my life'!

Depression/Health Anxiety/Stress:

“Depression, Anxiety and Panic attacked me out of nowhere, caused by the build-up of stress, trauma and a recent illness. This damaged my confidence and emotions and I started overthinking to the point where normal day to day activities became too overwhelming for me.

At the beginning of each session Rob reviews how you are feeling and the session is tailored accordingly. Rob understood me a lot better than the doctors and other therapists I had visited and therefore it was so easy to put my trust in Rob! Words cannot express enough my sincere thanks to Rob for helping me regain my health. Now Rob sees me smiling!” (Marie, Solihull)

Interview Anxiety:
Tina came to me recently, with anxiety issues about job interviews, a few weeks later, she not only was a different person (so to speak), but had a new job too! Here is her testimonial:

"I’d been suffering terribly with anxiety and stress over interviews. The feelings of anxiety had taken over completely and were affecting my every day life. I booked in for 3 sessions with Rob and even after the first appointment I started to feel slightly different. By the time my 3rd appointment came round I had another interview lined up. I left the last session feeling ready (quite literally) to take on the world!

The interview came and for the first time ever I felt confident and comfortable with myself, was able to control and deal with the nerves that I had, and the interview went incredibly well. I was offered the job the same afternoon! I feel completely different now and have more confidence and feel so much happier. Thank you Rob!” (Tina, West Midlands)

Stop Smoking:

"I booked 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Rob to help me stop smoking. After the first session my cigarette use went down dramatically. After the second session I have not smoked at all! I have smoked for more than 35 years and can breath so much better now. Plus, I’ve put away £300 that would have gone on cigarettes! I would recommend Rob as a hypnotherapist to anybody who wants to change their life for the better." (Anthony, Birmingham)

Weight loss:

"Since having hypnotherapy for weight loss I lost 2 lbs in the first 2 weeks and continue to lose weight. The virtual gastric band worked, as when eating I become full quicker. I now know when to stop eating. I have not drunk any diet coke, when I would have had at least 2 cans a day before. It worked for me, so I would certainly recommend Rob ." (Fiona, Solihull)"

Fear of Flying:

“After only 3 sessions I felt like something in me had changed! Usually my holiday starts when the plane has landed safely and not before, but I am pleased to report that this year my holiday started before I got to the airport! The flight was calm, but more importantly, so was I. My husband could not believe the difference in me! The return flight was just the same. The hypnotherapy experience has given me a confidence that did not exist before. I would recommend anyone to try Rob Buckle's hypnotherapy for whatever you are trying to conquer!” (Sue, Solihull)

Alcohol Addiction:

“Feeling so much better and losing weight after giving up alcohol. No headaches, feel better in the mornings. I’m now able to concentrate more on my job as my head is clear. I am proud of myself for achieving this and glad that I attended this hypnotherapy course, because it has worked for me! Thank you!

I would recommend Rob as a Hypnotherapist because he understands people’s problems and he knows how to treat them.” (Denise)

Health & Wellbeing:

“I recently undertook weekly Hypnotherapy sessions by Rob Buckle and concentrated on aspects of my health and well being that I was concerned with. The results have been visible immediately to myself and family. I would definitely recommend Rob to other people. He was a professional who undertook a thorough history and listened. I had never met him before nor undertaken this type of therapy but he explained what would happen very patiently.” (Manisha, Solihull)


“I was suffering with really bad anxiety and worry, but I immediately saw the benefits from Rob’s hypnotherapy sessions and feel like a totally different person. It’s given me a really positive outlook on life. I would strongly recommend anyone that suffers from depression or anxiety to contact Rob Buckle. I would fully recommend him as a hypnotherapist. I feel he provides an excellent service and helps you with whatever issues you may have.” (Danny, Birmingham)

Focus & Self Belief:

Since having had hypnotherapy with Rob, I have had some amazing results. I now have the job and the house I wanted and I'm feeling a lot healthier. All thanks to the greater focus and belief I have that I can reach my goals. I thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy with Rob to remove blocks, to clarify what you want and make changes to a happier, healthier life!” (Rachel, West Midlands)

Customisable Treatment Plans

I do not merely use the same methods/techniques with everybody and instead prefer to customise the sessions according to the needs of each individual. For example, my Stress Management Programme offers a versatile approach (usually between 4 and 8 sessions) and encompasses a range of techniques and therapies (including hypnotherapy, EMDR and holistic therapies) designed to look at the whole person, get to the root of the issue(s) and work towards living a life without stress.

For more details this, see Stress Management Programme

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR usually combined with hypnotherapy is a simple, but remarkably effective technique that allows negative emotions to be removed and a new perspective introduced that can encourage and enhance a positive mindset. It is becoming an increasingly popular therapy method for treating emotional disorders, as the research of it continues to grow and gain credibility.

For more details this, see EMDR, with Hypnotherapy

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What Can You expect at a hypnotherapy treatment?

A first session is to establish the background to the issue that the client wants the therapy for and to establish what they want to achieve through having the sessions. As this is a crucial part of the therapy, it may take up to 30 minutes of the first session. The first hypnotic intervention will take the remainder of the first session, with its main purpose being to relax the client and start the process of making lasting changes. The second and third sessions will build on this accordingly

How many treatments will I need?

I usually recommend at least 3 sessions for most conditions, but some may require more. For anxiety, for example, I usually recommend 4 sessions and matters to do with health may require 4 or more, to establish a new pattern of health.

Will I be aware of what is happening during hypnotherapy sessions?

Absolutely. There is no feeling of ‘losing control’ and you will still be aware of your surroundings to an extent during the therapy. A hypnotic state is a slightly altered state of awareness, more akin to
a meditative or daydream state.

How long does a hypnotherapy session take?

Standard sessions are typically around one hour in length, however, they may often be longer, depending on the complexities of individual sessions. No extra charge is made for any additional time, the most important thing is completing what needs to be completed in the session.

A first session will usually be between 75 and 90 minutes in length, as it will include an in-depth consultation.

Where are the treatments done?

Treatments are usually done at my home in Olton, Solihull, where I have a dedicated treatment room that is separated from the rest of the house and has beautiful garden and sky views.

Address: 34 Dene Court Road, Olton, Solihull, B92 8DL

Or, if travelling to my home is not possible, treatments can be done in the comfort of your own home if you are local to Solihull or South Birmingham, for an extra £5-10 per treatment (depending on distance to travel) to cover additional time and travel expenses incurred.

How early should I arrive before my appointment?

It is best to arrive as close to your appointment time as possible, as I may have other clients booked in either side of your appointment. The treatment room needs to be fully prepared for each client prior to the treatment, so if clients arrive more than a few minutes before the appointment time I may not be ready and there may be no one around to let you in!

Where can I park?

Dene Court Road is a relatively quiet street, so parking is usual possible right outside or very close to the property. If the drive is free, there is usually space for one car for a few hours before 4pm each day.

What are your opening hours?

Monday - Thursday 9am - 7.30pm
Friday - 9am - 5.30pm
Saturday - 10am - 4pm

PLEASE NOTE - If you are unsure if hypnotherapy (or my practice) is right for you, I offer a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION, where you can discuss any aspect of the process and you will be welcome to leave prior to any hypnotic intervention work if you have any reservations.

What to expect at a hypnotherapy session with Rob

My clients overwhelmingly say they feel comfortable with me, enjoy my sessions and gain huge benefits from the work we do together. Treatments are generally done at my home in Olton, Solihull, where I have a dedicated treatment room that is separated from the rest of the house and has beautiful garden and sky views. The treatment room is a quiet and private location, ideal for hypnotherapy and stress management work. I have an extremely comfortable, reclining chair for clients use during the relaxing hypnotherapy sessions and standard, upright chairs for consultations. There are ground-floor toilet facilities available, if needed. I work from home, but the house is generally empty when I am working.

The full address is: 34 Dene Court Road, Olton, Solihull, West Midlands, B92 8DL

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On-line Video-Call Consultations/Treatments

Although I am based in Solihull, West Midlands, I regularly hold online, video-call consultations and treatments for clients who find it difficult to attend in person, either because of distance or disability. I can, therefore see clients from any location, including overseas. So whether you live in Birmingham or Brighton, Solihull or Sydney, are in the West Midlands or West Africa, we can hook-up online!

Fortunately, physical contact is not necessary for most hypnotherapy treatments and can work equally well over a clear video-call link. Technology is now so advanced and versatile that it is possible to use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop to provide a suitable audio and visual link between the client and the therapist. As the art of hypnotherapy is more about the verbal element of the treatment, it loses nothing over a clear connection. Feedback from clients who have experienced treatments of this nature has all been positive. All you need to participate in a session of this nature is access to a comfortable, quiet space and a device capable of operating a video-call app, such as Skype, FaceTime and Zoom.

TESTIMONIAL (MAY 2020): "I wish to personally thank Rob for helping me during this difficult period. After developing a sudden issue with insomnia I was becoming desperate in trying to find a solution as lack of? sleep was having a major effect on my everyday life.

Due to the current government restrictions he conducted the sessions over Skype. I was initially sceptical that this would work or would be inferior to seeing a therapist in person, how wrong could I have been. After the first session I was instantly more relaxed and slept amazing that night. I couldn't believe it! I then had two more sessions to reinforce the techniques Rob had taught me and have continued to sleep soundly since.

I urge anyone who needs support or is experiencing difficulties during this period to contact Rob. I genuinely can't thank him enough!"

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Rob Buckle (GQHP/ADPR, MAR, BA Hons)

As well as being a qualified Hypnotherapist, I am also qualified Reflexologist, a Reiki Master, Practitioner of Indian Head Massage and Scenar Therapy. I am passionate about natural health and I have run a holistic health practice in Solihull since 2008. For more information about these services, please see my sister website: Solihull Holistic Health

I trained in Hypnotherapy in 2013, as it was clear to me that the mind plays a huge part in the role of health, both physical and mental. This has been a fantastic addition to my skills-set, as I have seen a whole range of people, with all manner of issues, overcome the obstacles that were holding them back, to transform their lives. In 2015 I completed an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma, which has given me even greater insight into the world of the sub-conscious and more tools to use in my hypnotherapy sessions.

Most of my previous career had been spent in teaching, training and advising (mainly adults) and has involved working with the broadest range of people imaginable, including learners with disabilities - including autism, people whose first language is not English and people within the probation service who were endeavouring to turn their life around for the better. All this has given me empathy and an understanding of the complex issues faced by individuals in our rich and varied society. This, I feel, is a highly important factor in making me the accomplished hypnotherapist that I am today.

I am now committed full time to my Hypnotherapy and Holistic Therapy work as this is where my true passions lie.


Diploma in EMDR With Hypnotherapy, 2020

Diploma in Stress Management Consultancy, 2018

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP, 2015
world class Hypnotherapy NLP training

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP, 2013

Reiki Master/Master Teacher - Reiki Levels 1, 2 , 3 and 4, 2009-12

ITEC Level 3 Diplomas in Reflexology/ Anatomy & Physiology, 2007-8

Pathology Level 3, 2011

BA (Hons Degree), 1985

Professional Memberships/Insurance

Robert Buckle (MAR) is a member of The Association of Reflexologists, a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), fully insured to practice hypnotherapy and holistic therapies.

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