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How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy is not at all like stage hypnosis, where 'entertainers' work with the most suggestible members of an audience and get them to do ridiculous things (although, many of them do demonstrate the seemingly 'impossible' things that people can do, when in a hypnotic trance). A hypnotic trance is basically an altered state of awareness, brought about by the practitioner helping the client relax to the extent that they enter the 'alpha state', which is the state of being between wake and sleep, where the subconscious is at its most open to suggestion. In this state, subtle commands to the subconscious, including stimulating your own imagination, can bring about significant changes in the client's physical or mental state.

The only requirement of a hypnotherapy client is to relax and be open to change. There is no unwanted probing into private lives and the client is always sufficiently in control, to the extent that they can stop the session at any time, should they wish to.

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I would be happy to talk to you over the phone prior to an appointment if you wish , but a first session will always include a full consultation, where the full process is discussed and details of the issues that you want to resolve are explored, to the extent that an appropriate hypnotic induction can be developed.

Change does not always happen immediately, as much old 'programming' may need to be un-learnt and new behavioural patterns introduced to the subconscious, hence why I suggest at least 3 sessions for most conditions.

Rob Buckle holds an Advanced Level Hypnotherapy practitioner qualification. This means that he is one of just a relative handful of hypnotherapists, worldwide, that hold this qualification. It also means he has reached the highest standards of professional training that is recognised by the General Hypnotherapy Register.

About Hypnotherapy. How Does Hypnosis Work 2

Issues/Conditions Treated Through Hypnotherapy

Here are a few examples of how hypnotherapy can work with some of the most common issues treated at Rob Buckle Hypnotherapy:

Weight Loss

Losing weight is not as simple as just changing your diet or eating less chocolate or cakes. There may be complex issues lying at the root.

Hypnotherapy provides a safe and easy way to explore all related issues and lose weight. It may allow you to clear deep-rooted emotional blocks or you may wish to simply fit a ‘virtual gastric band’. This is a technique that allows the unconscious mind to accept that a gastric band has been fitted around the stomach, reducing the body’s cravings for food, as the stomach will fee full after much less food than normal.

If you are serious and motivated to lose weight, then these techniques could be highly effective for helping you.

Stop Smoking

There may be many good reasons why somebody wants to give up smoking, including health and financial, but there may be as many equally strong reasons as to why someone feels compelled to continue. Under hypnosis, we can explore related issues, as well as equip you with simple techniques that remove your desire to have a cigarette.

Anxiety Issues

This is one of the most common conditions that I help people with and includes issues such as fear of flying, fear of exams, fear of public speaking, panic attacks and money worries.

With many of these conditions, there my be deep-rooted psychological reasons as to why an individual feels overwhelming and irrational fear about a situation. All of these issues can be explored and resolved through hypnotherapy. The secret to dealing with all of these issues is changing the way we automatically react in a given situation. Tapping into the resource-bank of the subconscious mind allows us to alter behavioural patterns so that anxiety is either significantly reduced or removed completely.

Past Life Regressions

This is one of the most popular and fascinating treatments that I offer. Whether you believe in the reincarnation of the soul or not, you will be amazed at the experience you will have and insights for your current life you will gain! Why not settle your curiosity and give it a try?!

Enhance Confidence/Performance

A lack of confidence can greatly inhibit our true potential or our ability to perform at our optimum best, whether it be in sports, music or other creative endeavours. Tapping into the resource-bank of your sub-conscious mind, however, through hypnotherapy, can unleash your true potential by removing the psychological blocks that result in inhibition or fear of failure.

* If you would like to discuss any other conditions, not mentioned here, in respect of Hypnotherapy, please contact Rob Buckle, either by email or on 07738938342

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